I am certified Strategic Human Resource Business Partner focused on optimizing organizational effectiveness by developing leadership abilities, boosting morale, improving employee engagement and energizing the culture.

Too many businesses are under utilizing their staff, leaving success, profit, growth and reputation to flounder.

My 20 years of business and nonprofit experience spans many sectors working in, and with:

  • 1 and 2 person start-ups
  • venture capital funded businesses
  • businesses with exponential growth
  • small and mid-sized businesses
  • nonprofits
  • Fortune 500 companies

An “employees as assets” approach provides organizations with the advantage they need to be “the bar to which others aspire” in their industry.

My services will help you:

  • develop more engaged employees,
  • improve morale,
  • improve your leadership skills & your management team’s leadership skills,
  • create a culture that leads to increased profits, higher customer service satisfaction, and company growth,
  • reduce turnover, lower recruiting costs, & reduce defects and downtime
  • create a better employer brand (your reputation as an employer) which results in overall lower costs, fewer employee issues, higher sales and higher profits.

Trained as a cultural anthropologist, I am well versed in cultural diversity, and have experience traveling in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.

My professional background and education includes:

  • operations management
  • organizational development
  • leadership
  • applied anthropology
  • cross cultural studies
  • recruiting
  • talent development
  • human resources management
  • nonprofit management
  • education

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