I breathe new life into organizations!

My forward thinking, and confidence in a great future, inspires people to become involved advocates.

My mind works quickly to make unusual associations, often over looked, connecting dots that inform root issues.

I start action and inspire people to come along, positioning us for the future, while increasing engagement & morale, developing leaders, improving trust, respect, and communication, all while keeping a solid eye on the 5 to 10 year mark.

I inspire people with my enthusiasm, respect, ideas and excitement for future successes and personal growth backed up by my abilities to deliver.

 If you are familiar with the Fascination Advantage, by Sally Hogshead:
I am a dynamic and amazing blend of Catalyst and Avant-Garde;
mixing Passion and Prestige with a very strong dose of Innovation.

I have a prolific ability to generate “out of the box” ideas that bring new perspective, energy and vibrancy.

I am an amazing leader. I am a very capable leadership coach for everyone from the front line, back dock, and admin to CEO.

I am gifted at predicting how things will develop. I am constantly assessing all the variables that could affect the project far into the future.  This allows me to contribute to contingencies and tweak what we are doing this year, so it does not create a major issue as we move into the future, or to the next level.

I create warm, strong and immediate emotional connections. I have an attractive personal and professional style of interaction that breaks down barriers.

I constantly envision ways to improve and upgrade, be it processes, systems, communications or relationships.

I am not afraid to get my hands dirty.  I will be in every corner of the organization, shoulder to shoulder with the team, every shift, learning from, and listening to the experts – what has worked, what hasn’t, what is needed.

I hear people.

I validate their input.


My approachable and transparent style makes me an “open book” – communicating: authentic, genuine and trustworthy.  This opens people up and develops relationships.  I captivate others with my vibrant and attractive style of communication – spontaneity and a quick wit.

Driven by a profound sense of adventure and creativity.

I understand the value of traditions and can assess the culture, the future and understand which traditions inform, add value and create “who we are” and which ones need to go the way of the VHS tape – fondly remembered for how they served us.


Are you ready to achieve great new things in Organizational Development?

Give me my parameters, then step back and let me do what you are paying me to do.

Plan to come along with me as I blaze the path to an exciting, brighter more vibrant workplace that increases ROI, models efficiency, plans for the future, decreases turnover and creates a place that people want to contribute to the success of.

A primary driver of organizational success is
the level of engagement and morale of the talent they employ
combined with
efficient and effective communication
based in trust and respect.

Payroll is a giant expense to organizations. It is time to move payroll squarely into the assets column!

Let’s do this.

I am certified Strategic Human Resource Business Partner focused on optimizing organizational effectiveness by developing leadership abilities, boosting morale, improving employee engagement and energizing the culture.

Too many businesses are under utilizing their staff, leaving success, profit, growth and reputation to flounder.

My 20 years of business and nonprofit experience spans many sectors working in, and with:

  • 1 and 2 person start-ups
  • venture capital funded businesses
  • businesses with exponential growth
  • small and mid-sized businesses
  • nonprofits
  • Fortune 500 companies

An “employees as assets” approach provides organizations with the advantage they need to be “the bar to which others aspire” in their industry.

Trained as a cultural anthropologist, I am well versed in cultural diversity, and have experience traveling in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.

My professional background and education includes:

  • operations management
  • organizational development
  • leadership
  • applied anthropology
  • cross cultural studies
  • recruiting
  • talent development
  • human resources management
  • nonprofit management
  • education

Are you ready to move to the next level?
Can you afford not to?

Contact me to discuss how I can add tremendous value to your organization.