Overview of Services

Strategic management of your organization involves many aspects, including leadership skill development of key players as well as ensuring  internal teams and the organization work together effectively toward the primary business goal.

Morale and Engagement Consulting
My consulting and coaching services are targeted to small and mid-sized organizations and can help you:

  • identify who to manage out of your organization
  • identify which actively disengaged employees are worth keeping, how to flip them to engaged and retain their skills and company knowledge
  • develop free and low cost ways to get your employees more engaged and actually working for the success of the organization
  • help you, and your management team, develop the leadership skills that grows and maintains high engagement

Leadership Coaching
Leaders inspire others to effectively work toward a common goal.  Leadership is a way of thinking and behaving, it isn’t a job title, it is a lifestyle.
My leadership coaching guides you to develop and refine your leadership abilities with an emphasis on:

  • improving interpersonal relationships,
  • communications,
  • morale and
  • engagement.

Small Talk Coaching
A blend of coaching and skill development to help anyone, teens to adults, entry level employees to executives, develop their skills in starting, maintaining and exiting conversations.

If you are tired of sitting on the sidelines at work, skipping after work opportunities to network and advance your career, or declining party invitations, this is for you.  Contact me now to get more information on Small Talk Coaching.