Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching
Leadership is a way of thinking and behaving, it isn’t a job title or work responsibility, it is a lifestyle.

Most organizations, according to Gallup research, have 67% of their workforce either just doing enough to get by (51%) or acting in ways that are detrimental (16%) to the morale and productivity of the organization.

That is a great deal of productivity, growth, revenue and profit being lost.
Can you afford to about 16 % of your workforce working against your company?
Can you afford to about 51 % of your workforce just skating by collecting that paycheck?

I work with executives, owners and senior managers who are ready to move their highly engaged employees percentage to a much higher number than 33%.

Our coaching work will focus on developing a strong foundation of skills and approaches that will allow you to shift morale, improve communications and create and sustain more engaged employees over the long term.

How can Morale, Communications and Engagement Leadership Coaching help me?

  • understand and develop your team’s potential.
  • learn to act rather than react.
  • improve your communication and relationship skills.
  • resolve conflict respectfully and effectively.
  • identify, set and achieve morale, communication and engagement goals.
  • identify self-defeating behaviors and learn new strategies.
  • learn to create a culture of trust and transparency.
  • leverage your strengths.
  • help you with what keeps you up at night.

Coaching is:
private and confidential.
judgement free.
chance to receive clear unbiased feedback.
being held accountable.
being told what you Need to hear, not what you want to hear, or what your reports feel safe in telling you.
having a professional manage the process of growth and improvement.
you doing the work and making the decisions in a supported safe space.

My coaching is done in person.
We know that words are a small portion of interpersonal communication – estimated to be about 30%,  and that non-verbal communication is the majority of communication, estimated to be about 70%.

I am not willing to leave 70% of communication out of the process by engaging in telephone coaching – are you? This work is too valuable and meaningful to shortchange.