According to Gallup, 67% of American workers are either disengaged or actively disengaged.

The financial impact of 41 out of each 50 employees not contributing to the success of the organization is simply staggering.

1.2M per year is the cost of 41 disengaged employees, averaging 30k a year in wages (not including benefits and taxes).  This is a massively under utilized business expense. This is the average in America.  This means it is highly likely that your business has this same high number.  Who has 1.2M per year they can afford to spend without getting a decent return on those funds?

America is in an employee morale and engagement crisis.

Businesses with highly engaged employees benefit by:
21% higher profitability
26% more revenue per employee
10-15% higher profit growth
41% fewer quality defects
37% lower absenteeism rates
87% less likely to quit
40% fewer safety incidents

Active disengagement means their actions are working against success.
What does this look like?
Ignoring signs equipment maintenance is needed, spreading toxic negativity, absence and lateness, providing poor customer service, ignoring product defects, intentionally not helping the team, spends time on personal business or just goofing off, and not doing their job, and the list goes on and on.
Some of the actively disengaged need to be managed out of your organization and some are very worthy of flipping to more highly engaged.

Disengaged employees are those who are not doing anything to help and are not on a mission to hurt.
Their lack of engagement is costing the company a great deal.
What does this look like?
Those employees who do what is needed but nothing more, the uninspired, those who see a way to improve something but say nothing, those who skate through, meeting the basic level of employment requirement.
These are the people that could help the company become great but are not on board, they are checked out.  This is the group that is easiest to move into higher engagement

67% of employees are not working for the company’s interests.
That is a great deal of under-utilized business expense.

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